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To contribute to the development, construction and operation of the robot by utilizing pneumatic devices; to educate and provide pneumatic services to our fellow teammates, and adult members and to our community


Pneumatics is the use of pressurized air to exert a force. It was first used by Nomad tribes. They invented the blow dart, a weapon used for hunting. A hunter could produce 1-3 PSI on average. The next breakthrough in pneumatic advancements was the first manual, mechanical air compressor. It was used mainly to start a fire with puffs of air. The first pistons and actuators worked on steam and they were usually found in trains or mining tools. For some time, pneumatic power was the main power source in a household or public building. However it was less practical than electric power, and therefore, electricity took it’s place. Later that century, hydraulics took the place of pneumatics on most machinery because of its ability to operate at extremely high pressures safely. Today, pneumatics are found in surgery equipments, robotics, drones, dental tools and movie props.


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