Abdeali P.


To devote to the design and construction of the robot using not only our own creative minds, but the 3-Dimensional design programs used on the computers; to educate and express our CAD services to all team members, adults, and community.


CAD is the designing of all components used on the robot. Using Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD we are able to illustrate 2-Dimensional sketches of certain components and configure them into3-Dimensional drawings. With the use of these 3-Dimensional drawings we’re able to combine the parts, constructing a scaled version of our robots. In CAD we strive for the best ideas requiring multiple needed functions with the least amount of complexity put into its construction. Our subgroup, mostly revolving around the professional careers involving computer-aided design in engineering related jobs, is an excellent way of getting experience in STEM careers for the future.


Mr. Otremba

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